An Initiative By Presidential Awardees, Government of India To Improve The State Of World

Elixir Foundation is an initiative by the Presidential Awardees of Government of India i.e IG NSS Awardees and National Youth Awardees to ubiquitously enhance lives for a better society. Today, our society is suffering from a plethora of negative influences that are dragging our nation's progress. Poverty, Unemployment, Over-Population, illiteracy etc. are the major ones. There are efforts being done in the areas to curb the above mentioned concerns but more initiatives need to be taken especially by the youth of the country. Elixir is a step to ubiquitously, in every area do small and big deeds and deal with the concerns in our own smaller ways to improve the state of the world. Youth Empowerment through community services is one of the major drives at Elixir to make today’s youth more socially responsible and we achieve it through numerous initiatives at Elixir.

Elixir evolved with the visionary leadership of Madhish Parikh, IG Awardee of 2013 – 2014 Batch of Government of India. He united the IG NSS Awardees of his batch and formed Elixir – a platform to unite the potentials of the empowered awardees and youths of the nation who want to contribute towards nation development. The organisation was founded on 11 September 2015 and registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 with Registration Number – F/18373/AHMEDABAD and Society Registration Act 1860 with Registration Number – GUJ/18859/AHMEDABAD with the Charity Commissioner, Government of Gujarat.

To work Omni presently in every area, that our country is backward in, and hence create a seamlessly integrated environment for the hand-in-hand development of the country

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To make sure that every citizen of this country has a morsel to eat, a roof over the head, books to get educated, a justly paid job, a women friendly society and lastly preserve and nourish our rich and vivid culture.

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To raise the educational and financial standard of the needy and to erase the caste and class discrimination in the society. Apart from that we focus to deal with the issues related to serious and infectious health problems ..

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Social Touch

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